Top 10 Diabetic Tricks

Managing your diabetes requires good information and a bit of skill. When you learn good management techniques early, you can use them to keep your blood sugar in control and your daily life on the right track. A few tricks can help to make the job of daily glucose level management easier and safer. 

Check Your Glucose Level Frequently
“Test glucose levels frequently” is the cardinal rule of living with diabetes. It is the primary method of managing glucose levels and can help to prevent more serious health problems associated with diabetes. Always keep you testing equipment with you, so that you can check frequently during the day, regardless of where you are. 

Keep Several Glucose Meters on Hand
In order to follow that first rule of diabetes management, follow the second rule of keeping several glucose meters on hand. Keep one at work and one at home. Keep another in the car. Make sure the proper equipment is on hand at all times to make it easier to keep your levels in check. 

Use the Same Kind of Meter
Test strips are one of the expensive aspects of managing diabetes. Use only one kind of meter so that you can purchase only one type of strip for all your devices. 

Care For Your Feet
People with diabetes often have severe problems with their feet. Small injuries can lead to big problems because of the blood chemistry. Take the time to find well-fitting shoes that do not cut into or rub against areas of your feet. 

Always Carry Approved Snacks 
Be prepared to manage your diet under all circumstances by always carrying a small amount of approved snacks to keep your blood glucose on an even keel. Never leave the house without your small lunch bag of suitable snacks.

Exercise To Lower Glucose Levels
Whenever your glucose level spikes up, take active steps to bring it down quickly by engaging in exercise. A quick walk around the block or bike ride around the neighborhood can have a direct and immediate effect on blood sugar. The effects can last as long as 24 hours later after a vigorous session of exercise. 

Tuck Glucose Tablets Everywhere
Keep glucose tablets on hand for those times when glucose levels get out of hand and you feel unwell. Keep a small container in your purse, in your desk at work and in the glove compartment of the car. These can give you the lift you need quickly. 

Manage Daily Stress
Managing diabetes can mean an additional layer of stress that builds up during the day. Take time out of your day to manage stress with exercise, meditation, hobby activities or quiet reflection to keep your body, and your attitude, in a healthy state.

Eat Your Vegetables
One easy way to keep glucose levels in control is to make vegetables the bulk of your diet. Vegetables not only help to keep blood sugar in control, they help to manage weight and provide important antioxidants to prevent many diseases. Experiment with some of the many tasty vegetable dish recipes that have been developed to do your body good in several ways at once.

Use An Insulin Pump
An insulin pump delivers an exact amount of insulin through a catheter under the skin. It provides the amount of insulin you need without having to adjust your lifestyle to insulin levels. It eliminates the need for individual injections and the large swings in glucose levels that are common. However, these units can be expensive and are not always covered by insurance.

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