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ai fruit juice is taking the health industry by storm! By now you know that health is very important to me. So, I have taken a huge interest in different acai fruit juices. I believe that individuals are sick of popping pills for their ailments and are turning to natural preventative type measures to get their body back in balance. When our body is in balance, it also has the power to heal itself. A concept that worked for our ancestor's..why not us?

Think all eggplant is created equal?

Disease and illness are on a rampant increase in our country because of poor diets. 98% of Americans are over fed and under nourished. In fact, our diets are responsible for an alarming increase in disease and illness. I recently found this statistic alarming. According To the American Caner Society here are the Cancer statistics: The likelihood of getting cancer in your lifetime.- 1960 1 in 300 - 1990 1 in 75 - 2006 1 in 3 and 2010 1 in 2 Unfortunately, the likelihood will continue to increase if we don't get smart about taking care of our bodies.

The CDC states that 1 in 3 citizens' quality of life has been compromised by "The Big 3" diseases.

1. 70 million heart disease

2. 20 million have diabetes

3. 10 million have cancer

85-90% of the root cause of the exponential increase of all disease is the toxins in our environment and lifestyle choices. Doctors are schooled on sick care (which I'm very thankful for) instead of preventative care. They treat the symptoms vs. treating the causes of the disease. It is pharmaceuticals vs. nutrition. We have forgotten the power of our own body to heal itself.

What Can We Do?

That is where Acai fruit juices comes in. Less than 5% of the US population consumes the RDA of fruit, despite 300,000 studies that prove fruits' role in reducing the risk of disease and Illness. Why? People have numerous reasons why they don't eat their recommended daily allowance of fruit!

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