Articles About Diabetes

These articles about diabetes give helpful tips and insights from health-care professionals and people with diabetes.

Take a look at these articles about diabetes.....

Cinnamon And Blood Sugar

A great read on how cinnamon can reduce and help regulate blood sugar. Learn the history of this finding as well as what you can do to help with your blood sugar levels.

Medical ID Bracelet

Pertinent information on how wearing a medical ID bracelet can literally save your life. Informative information on why it's important to pick a piece that is highly recognizable, and what information you need to display on your medical ID.

Trans Fats

Great information on what trans fat is ,how to spot it, and what treat is good for those with diabetes.

Foot Care

Important information on diabetic foot care. Tips to keep your feet at their optimum condition. A must read article for anyone with diabetes.

Fight Lows

Information on what to take when your blood glucose goes under 70mg/dl. Fight hypoglycemia by treating it with the right amount of glucose.

Diabetic Food List

Information on the best foods to eat in what food groups. Know what to eat that fits into your diabetic dietary needs. Fruits, pasta, meats, vegetables, and dairy.

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