Best Cast Iron Skillets - Another Review By Me

Best Cast Iron Skillets - I love my cast iron skillet. I really was reluctant to purchase one because of how happy I am with my current pots and pans. But after a ton of convincing by my sister in law, I broke down and bought one. Well ... I LOVE IT!

Cast iron skillets are the ultimate stove top to oven cookware. You can use it to fry bacon, sear meat and fish, roast chicken, and bake cobblers and cornbread. Most skillets are very affordable in the $40 dollar range, but I spent a little more to get a little more. The Le Creuset Skillet with Iron Handle received fantastic reviews and I actually heard about it through the New York Times. They stated that it was a great non stick alternative to Teflon. It's true that it is not as non stick as Teflon but with a little spray and proper care, it comes pretty close. To keep the nonstick of the pan, clean it by scrubbing with coarse salt, never soap, rinse and dry before storing.

Now, I can't imagine not having a cast iron skillet amongst my pots and pans. Sometimes I will even prefer using it over a really great pan.

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