Best Chef Knives

Best chef knives - Once I went kullenschliff, I never went back. I love the shallow dimples on the side of the blade. These depressions help prevent food from sticking to the blade! I can't tell you how many times food being stuck to the knife has been a problem for me. There is a couple of tips to chopping food that will help when it comes to food sticking to your blade.

1. Make your knives nonstick with vegetable oil or cooking spray.

2. Chop only small amounts at a time.

3. Dice rather than chop. You'll get less clumping and sticking.

My Favorite Knives

The LamsonSharp 3-Piece Forged Kullenschliff Chef's Knife Set has changed my chopping experience. They have lasted through numerous meals! And though the dimples in the knife may only be a subtle advantage over regular knives. It has made a difference when chopping sticky foods such as potatoes. I have checked out LamsonSharp, and Messermeister. Both are excellent brands of kullenschliff.

I hope this review helps the next time your out shopping for knives. Don't feel compelled to run out and replace all of your good knives. Give a few kullenschliff edge knives a try and you can slowly convert. :)

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