Children's Diabetic Recipes

These childrens diabetic recipes will be a hit in your house! They are easy recipes that anyone in the family can prepare and enjoy. In our house we are all about easy, healthy, and delicious food....and making sure that it fits in with our medical needs! So, give these few great recipes a try!

Peanut Butter Muffins
25 Minutes Prep
A fun and creative way to eat your peanut butter a jelly. Kids love this change from the traditional sandwich!

Extra Cheese Pizza
20 Minutes Prep
One great diabetic recipes for kids. You can't go wrong with a really great pizza recipe.

Chicken Nuggets
15 Minutes Prep
This recipe will have your kids forgeting about fast food chicken nuggets. A great barbeque dipping sauce is included in this recipe too!

A Surprise Inside French Toast
20 Minutes Prep
A great kids recipe with 3 different cheeses with a hint of strawberry taste!

Chicken Soup
10 Minutes Prep
The perfect chicken soup for wintertime or for those dreadul sick days. Childrens Diabetic Recipes

Mini Pizzas
15 Minutes Prep
One great diabetic recipes for kids. Get your little chef involved with making this pizza. You can't go wrong with a really great pizza recipe. Childrens Diabetic Recipes

Sloppy Joes
10 Minutes Prep
A real hit with the kids. A great lunch or dinner for any day of the week! Childrens Diabetic Recipes

Barbecue Chicken
15 Minutes Prep
You will be licking this barbeque sauce off your fingers! Your kids will love having this great barbeque dish.

Fish Sticks
15 Minutes Prep
Get even the pickiest of eaters to enjoy fish! This was a hit in my home.

Kids Cooking Tips

1. Sometimes kids have a hard time with eating their vegetables. I love to sneak them in wherever I can! For instance, mix squash puree into their mac and cheese dish or mix a vegetable puree into the muffins mix that you are making. There are ways to "trick" our little ones into eating their 5 fruits and vegetables a day. Make sure that whatever you are adding fits into their diabetic needs.

2. Include your kids into the dinner making process. Sometimes my little guy is more apt to try something if he is mixing and making it himself.

Didn't' find a diabetic children's recipe that your kids might like? Feel free to search the web for other diabetic kids recipes!

IMPORTANT: I am not qualified in nutrition or medicine. Diabetes is a serious disease that requires medical attention by a professional. The recipes on this site should not be taken as medical advice. Always use caution when reading a recipe, and always pay attention to exchange sizes. Blood glucose levels can be affected by not following individual dietary guidelines that are set in place by a medical physician. Some of the recipes do use small amounts of sugar. Please check with your physician first. Recipes with sugar are not suitable for all diabetics.

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