Cinnamon And Blood Sugar

Can Cinnamon Reduce Blood Sugar? You Bet!

Scores of people who are afflicted with diabetes are now turning to cinnamon to lower blood sugar and cinnamon for glucose control. How did this come about? Like all of the greatest scientific discoveries since the beginning of civilization, it was discovered by accident while the scientists were researching something else.

History of Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

Scientists at a Maryland USDA research center were researching the effects of apple pie on blood glucose levels. They were predicting the apple pie would raise the level, and the study was done to see how much it would rise. Much to their astonishment, the blood glucose levels dropped! Like the good scientists they were, they didn’t immediately jump to the conclusion that apple pie reduces blood sugar, they checked the apple pie for confounding variables. It turns out the apple pie filling was sprinkled with cinnamon.

Further research was needed, and a study was conducted in Pakistan. Sixty people with type 2 diabetes were given various amounts of cinnamon, and it not only lowered their blood glucose levels, it reduced cholesterol as well! Even more amazing was that the subjects continued to have good benefits from the treatment 20 days after the treatment had stopped!

How Does Cinnamon Reduce Blood Sugar?

Of course, more studies will be needed , but the initial results are very exciting. So, how exactly does cinnamon reduce blood sugar? Cinnamon contains MHCP, which has been shown to mimic insulin in studies. So how much should you take? In the Pakistan study, the subjects were given a quarter to two teaspoons full of cinnamon per day. So don’t open a bottle of ground cinnamon and start eating it like candy; to get the maximum benefit, eat it in the proper proportions. A good idea is to sprinkle it on food you would ordinarily eat.

Since the study, many people are turning to cinnamon to lower blood sugar. Using cinnamon for glucose control shouldn’t stop you from taking your regular treatments. Using cinnamon with your regular diet and treatments is a natural way to combat diabetes, and it will help your cholesterol as well.

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