Cookie Sheet Reviews

I hope these cookie sheet reviews will help you out the next time you are looking for the best cookie sheet! Cookie sheets come is all shades of gray and sizes. It is a huge part in the baking of perfect cookies. Here are some other tips when baking cookies.

1.Bake your cookies a tad bit longer than the directions say.

2. Always place your cookie sheet in the lower half of the oven.

3. 10-15 minutes before baking, preheat your oven.

4.Grease your pan if the recipe says to grease and don't if it doesn't call for it.

5. Between batches, completely cool your cookie sheet or use a new one for optimum second batch cookies!

6.Aluminum cookie sheets may darken and discolor over time, this swill not effect the quality of the pan .

Cookie Sheet Reviews by Me :)

My overall favorite for price and function. The NordicWare 13-by-14-Inch Traditional Cookie Sheet bakes the cookies evenly across the entire sheet. There are two raised edges which helps with keeping things in place. The downside to this pan is the size, you are not able to fit as many cookies on one sheet as other cookies sheets. It is made of uncoated, commercial-grade aluminum in a roomy 13-by-14-inch size to evenly circulate heat over large batches of goodies. Finished with a nonstick coating, freshly baked goods slide off the sheet with ease, while the slanted end handle helps the cook maintain a firm, secure grip. The baking tool is rust- and corrosion-proof and goes safely into the dishwasher. A great buy for only 13 dollars. This gets 2 spatulas up from me! :)

The Chicago Metallic 16x14-in. Commercial Cookie Sheet gets my vote for the easiest release cookie sheet. In fact the cookies just slid off the pan. It didn't brown the cookies as evenly as the Nordic Ware but it is a great sheet for the price. It is slightly small than the Nordic Ware and doesn't have the raised edges for slippage. The Chicago is dishwasher safe and very durable. I would definitely give it a try.

The Doughmakers 14x17.5 inch Graand Cookie Sheet is wonderful for those of us who have to bake 5 dozen cookies by tomorrow! :) This cookie sheet cooled the fastest out of any sheet I've ever tried. The downside of this pan is the the one edge makes it difficult to turn the pan in the oven. The Doughmakers Grand Cookie Sheet is larger than the other two. I could fit 4 rows of cookies comfortably.

Do you own the perfect cookie sheet? Or, have you purchased one of these cookie sheets and have something to say about them? WRITE A REVIEW! It's a great way to help others figure out what is the best fit for them.

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