Diabetic Banana Cream Pie

This diabetic banana cream pie is so easy to make. My absolute favorite fruit is the banana. It's too bad that I'm allergic to them and can only imagine what a banana cream pie tastes like with delicious chocolate. :)

It's always fun to be creative in your creation of a pie. Decorate the top with sliced bananas and some whipped cream. Arrange the bananas in a unique design to make a great first impression. :) I will always take the time to make our food look more delectable than it already is.

The riper the banana, the sweeter your cream pie will be. Want to ripen your bananas fast? Place your bananas in the sun for an extended period or time. Make sure to place the bananas in a brown bag before placing them in the sun. Don't have any sunshine available? Place the brown bag on your kitchen counter overnight and the bananas should be ready in the morning. Remember, don't place the bananas in the refrigerator, this will prevent the ripening process.

Sugar Free Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pack Sugar free chocolate pudding
2 Bananas
2 1/4 cup Milk
6 tablespoons Peanut butter
1 tablespoon Honey
2 cups Rice crispies
1 Cool whip light

FILLING CRUST TOPPING Mix peanut butter with honey. Then mix in rice crispies. Press in pie plate with metal spoon,build up edge. Slice banana over crust. Then mix pudding with milk and spread over bananas. Top with Cool Whip. Use Sugar free instant chocolate pudding mix.

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