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Diabetic Candy Recipes

These diabetic candy recipes will melt in your mouth.

In my household we have a mixture of candy lovers. We have the chocolate candy lovers and we have the fruity sweet candy lovers. You ether prefer one over the other! I can't help but to say that these recipes are my favorite to taste and my favorite to make.

Making candy for our loved ones is a neat way to say that we are thinking of them and their needs. You can use these diabetic candy recipes to make a gift basket or to just fill your candy jar at home.

I hope you enjoy....

Chocolate Candy Lovers


Out of Bounds Candy Bars - Delicious!

Cream Cheese Balls

Caramel Apples

For The Fruity Candy Lovers.......

Sunny Citrus Cubes

Fruity Chews

Candy Baking Tips

1. To ensure the best looking and tasting candy possible, always use butter. If you are out of butter or running low, don't be tempted to use margarine instead. It does not have the same taste or affect on the candy.

2. A thermometer is the most accurate way to test your candy for readiness during baking. Never let the thermometer touch the bottom of the pan and always read it at eye level.

3. Don´t get burned! To avoid this, attach your thermometer to a wire whisk and lay the whisk over the top of your pan.

4. Let's face it, candy is hard to make! For those that are not experienced bakers, candy making can be frustrating. Try and try again to get the desired result.

5. The best candy making surface is aluminum foil. For some reason, the aluminum foil can take the heat and the candy peels nicely from it.


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