Diabetic Diet Reviews and Recipes

These diabetic diet reviews and recipes will be helpful to you in starting a new year and a new outlook on life. I should know! You will see my personal diet story below.:)

Diet recipes do not have to taste like diet food. It really is about re-training your taste buds and making a healthy lifestyle change. Once you start seeing results physically and mentally you will want to continue this new healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are going it alone or using a diet program. I hope these diabetic diet reviews and recipes will help you move in a direction towards a healthier you. Do it for your health. Do it for your appearance. Do it for your spouse. Do it for your children. But most importantly....do it for yourself!

Of course, no diet written for the masses is likely to be as effective as one written for you personally by a Registered Dietitian. Suzette Barancik is just such a nutritionist, with 15 years of experience working with diabetics. And, educating yourself on nutrition is key. Learn all about diabetes and nutrition at Diabetes and Related Health Issues.

Check out these diabetic diet reviews and recipes.....

No One Will Ever Know It's A Diet Recipe! SHHHHHH......

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Diet Reviews

Sometimes it's nice to know how and if a certain diet plan works from someone who has tried them. The following diets have been tried by me! I'm not an expert in dieting, but I do know what does and does not work. So here are my two diets that I highly recommend and I will tell you why. Also, I am currently reviewing 2 more diabetic diets. Check back to find even more diabetic diet reviews and recipes!

1. Medifast Diet Review

Medifast for diabetics: Medifast helps you manage your Type 2 Diabetes and control your weight. Clinical study results show that people with Type 2 Diabetes, using Medifast Plus for Diabetics, lost twice as much weight as those following the ADA's recommended food guidelines and were twice as likely to stick with the diet. Not only was it easy to lose weight with diabetes for those who used Medifast, but many of the diabetics also decreases or eliminated their diabetes medication.

Medifast has convenient, healthy meal plans to help you lose weight with diabetes.* Medifast Plus for Diabetics provides the proper nutrition for people with diabetes, allowing you to easily lose weight with diabetes. A truely great Diet for Diabetics

I found the medifast diet plan to be VERY easy to follow. It does not allow you any room to cheat. Which is exactly what I needed. This also helps you to achieve your goals even quicker. My meals came within 7 days of ordering. I chose the 4 week variety pack because it was cheaper than Design-a-Menu and they are offering a discount medifast coupon code, Buy 4 weeks of food, get one FREE! This also helped me to see what "foods" I really liked and which ones I could do without. Some people love the chai tea, but I wasn't so fond of it. :) Everyone seems to have different food opinions. I was very excited to start but so very skeptical because my body tends to hold on to everything and I mean EVERYTHING. Well, you will see in my success story testimony that it worked....and it worked GREAT! The starter 4 week supply came with a medifast book that was so informative about how the systems works. It's also very motivating because it shows people who have had great success with this diet program. If you are curious about the rest of my story...skip to the end of this page and read on. ;) 1 Week of Medifast FREE!

2. Diet To Go Review

Guaranteed Weight Loss with Your Own Personal Chef. "Lose 10lbs in 4 weeks. About Diet-to-GoWhat is it? Freshly prepared, delicious, and nutritionally balanced meals delivered to your home.

Easiest and Most Delicious Diet: With Diet-to-Go there is no portioning, rationing, counting calories or carbohydrates. We build the perfect meal plan customized for you. You just enjoy the food and home delivery.

Inexpensive: Unlike other diet food delivery services that require expensive supplements or foods. Diet-to-Go provides all your food delivered right to your home.

Effective: We have delivered nearly 400,000 meals to homes across the US since 1995 to thousands of happy customers.

This diet company is wonderful because of the freshly prepared food. My girlfriend received the food on time and says that it is delicious. She has lost weight following this diet plan and is very happy. They really customize to your diet needs. BUT you need to be aware of what those are. Calories, carbohydrate intake etc. I would recommend this diet to anyone that wants something that is easy to follow and easy to prepare food. They are running a special until January 30th for the new year: Get $20 off your first order with Diet to Go! Use coupon code CJ2000 at checkout

My Diet Success Story

Well, I know this is a review of a few diabetic diets.....but I guess you can say that I am impartial to Medifast. Let me take you back 4 year ago.

I was a very successful personal trainer who had just finished my first marathon. Fitness and health was my life. Not that those things took a back seat but right after I got married I found out I was pregnant. This is when things changed for me. I was very sick in bed for about 4 months and throughout my entire pregnancy I gained 80 pounds!! Now, about 15 of that was baby...but the rest was not accounted for. I nursed, which is suppose to be a miracle for your weight loss after having a baby, but for me it wasn't. I slowly dropped 20 pounds and then came to a screeching halt. I exercised, ate very healthy foods, and moved every chance I had. I wouldn't step on the scale for a couple of weeks in hopes that I would see 5 pounds less the next time I did. Well, needless to say..........i remained THE SAME!

I felt hopeless and I think I started to drive my husband crazy with my "weight worry." He finally suggested that I try Jenny Craig. I called that day and was in by the very next. The assured me that I would loose 10% of my body weight by a certain date. I think they were perplexed when that did not happen. Don't get me wrong, my mother in law lost weight on Jenny Craig and I know a lot of people who love this diet. But for me, I was not budging.

I stopped Jenny Craig and decided to up my gym time but a couple years later the scale still read the same: 175 pounds. One weekend I was doing a fund raiser at a local health fair and next to me was the Medifast. booth. The lady had lost so much weight in such a short amount of time. She said that she ate fast food, pizza, and junk before this diet. After hearing this I wasn't going to try it because I felt like that was not my situation. After all, i ate healthy foods and exercised!

Well, like anyone in my situation... I played around with the thought for a few days. And again, with my husbands blessing I ordered my first shipment of food. I honestly thought that it wasn't going to work. But at least this time I wasn't paying nearly half as much money as I had in the past for other companies.

My first day, I read the entire book and started my food the next. I'm not going to lie.... I WAS HUNGRY!! I think I was hungry for the first 3 days and then like magic my body adjusted and I actually had to force myself to finish all of my meals. Well, I decided to weigh myself every week on Friday. The first week I stepped on the scale that I was convinced was broken and I had lost SEVEN pounds. I was so excited, to say the least.

It has been 2 months and I've lost a total of 25 pounds. I am on track to loose all of my baby weight! I feel and look great and people recognized it. Everyone asks...."what did you do." And now, I can't wait to share the Medifast. diet program with them.It's worth checking out. 1 Week of Medifast FREE!

I hope these diabetic diet reviews and recipes have been helpful and will be useful to you. I want to commend you on the beginning of a new you. Searching for diabetic diet reviews and recipes is a start!

You are always welcome back to diabetic diet reviews and recipes. Also, it is important to talk with your physician before starting a new diet. Diabetic diet reviews and recipes is a good place to start.

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