Diabetic Drink Recipes

These diabetic drink recipes create beverages that are yummy and easy to make!

A drink can be refreshing, soothing, warm, or cold. You can enjoy a drink with a friend or relaxing by yourself. Sip hot chocolate on a cold day or be refreshed by a smoothie on a hot one. Here are some of my favorite diabetic beverages for any mood or situation. I hope you find these drink recipes refreshing!

8 Minute Prep
Not to disappint but this diabetic drink recipe is non alcoholic. Although, is fantastic for your baby shower parties! This recipe calls for a little bit of grape juice with splashed of oranges and lemons.

10 Minutes Prep
An array of smoothie flavors. There is strawberry, banana, and even a caffiene creamy smoothie. Caffiene smoothie will jump start your morning or prevent the 3 o clock slups! Some of my favorite diabetic drink recipes.

Fruit Drinks
8 Minutes Prep
Have you ever had a creamy orange julius? This was a favorite childhood memory for me. If we were headed to the mall, we were going to have an Orange Julius. This orange fruit drink is sweet, and if you are a tea lover the Raspberry cooler has a refreshing taste.

Creamy Hot Chocolate
10 Minutes Prep
My philosophy is, the creamier the better! This is easy to make and something you can enjoy all winter long. A favorite diabetic drink recipe.

Egg Nog
10 Minutes Prep
You ethier love egg nog or hate it. There is no in between egg nog drinkers! For all of us who love egg nog at christmas......enjoy!

Coffee Latte
10 Minutes Prep
This is for those who are serious about a great tasting cup of coffee. It even has the healthy benefit of cinnamon, which is known to help regulate blood sugar!

Drink Tips

1. There are a few beverages that are safer than others. These include: 1. Water 2. Coffee 3. Tea 4. Artificially Sweetened beverages 5. Powder drinks 6. Soda Water 7. Diet Drinks. Try any of the diabetic drink recipes above.

2. If your blood glucose levels are on the high side, drink plenty of sugar-free beverages.

3. The famous flavored water that is out on the market may have carbohydrates. Always check the Label!

4. For better memory and concentration, drink more coffee. Sipping a few caffeinated beverages daily may help you recalls words and increase reactions time.

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