Diabetic Food Lists

Diabetic Food Lists - Tasty Foods for People with Diabetes

If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, chances are your physician has spoken with you about the life changes you are going to have to make. The most important of these life changes (and the most arguably the most difficult) is going to be the change in your diet. Her is a helpful diabetic food lists.

You probably know about the restriction in sugar you are going to have to put on yourself. What you might not know is that many types of food will produce sugar after it enters your body. The good news is that there are viable alternatives that you can choose from with little fuss or stress.

There are four groups of food that all essential foods fall under. These are the Bread, meat, produce (fruits and vegetables) and dairy.

From the bread group, flower is a staple food. However, white flour is full of carbohydrates that turn into sugar, so it is a no-no. Instead of using white flour, use whole grain flour, such as wheat flour. I have found (and I think you will find out as well), that it tastes better anyway. The same goes for wheat bread as opposed to white bread. Rice is also another food staple, but white rice is not good for you. Always use brown rice. (In our home, we call it wild rice, but I'm not sure why.) As for cereal, I'm sure you know it's not good to eat cereal with high sugar content, so I'm not going to bore you with that.

When you eat vegetables, use the fresh stuff and not the kind you buy in a can. Canned vegetables have a fair amount of sodium added to them, and sodium is not good for you. If you like your vegetables cooked (I know I do), avoid using large amounts of cheese and butter. If you use pickles as a sandwich topper, try using cucumbers instead. Pickles also contain lots of sodium. After using cucumbers for about a week, you will wonder why you ever used pickles. Cucumbers taste great, and they are basically pickles without the sodium.

Eat whatever fruit you like within reason, but try to eat the fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. (Why would anyone want canned over fresh anyway?) If you must have canned fruit, pay attention to the ingredients that are listed on the can or jar. A lot of canned fruit have syrup or sugar added to them, and they are not good for you. If you like applesauce, buy the unsweetened kind.

Stay away from fried meats. Its okay to grill, bake, or broil the meat. I remember that fried chicken was my favorite food, but I have come to find out that grilled chicken is far superior. The same goes for fish. If you wrap the fish in tin foil with a little bit of seasoning and cook it on the grill, you will be amazed at how good it tastes when it is finished. If grilling is not an option, pan frying works well so long as you don't fry it in grease of butter. Instead of the greasy pork bacon, give turkey bacon a try. I have found that when you use turkey bacon, you get more meat and less saturated fat.

The dairy category is very simple. Buy only dairy products that are advertise as low fat, such as 2 percent milk. You won't notice a whole lot of change in the taste anyway.

Eating safe foods doesn't mean that you need to eat bland, tasteless foods, and you may come to find that you enjoy the safer foods more than the foods you used to eat.

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