Diabetic Fruity Snacks

These diabetic fruity snacks are easy to make and fun to eat. You can cater them to any holiday. Red for Christmas, pinks and yellows for Easter. Make it into a fun activity for your whole family.

Fruity Chews

Yield: 1 servings

3 cups Apple juice, or
Grape juice, or
Orange juice, or
Orange-pineapple juice
5 Gelatin envelopes

1. Soften gelatin in 1 cup fruit juice in medium mixing bowl. Bring one cup juice to a boil and stir in gelatin/juice mix. Continue stirring until gelatin is dissolved.

2. Add remaining cup of juice. Pour into 8 inch square pan and refrigerate until firm.

*Kids love these cut with cookie cuuters into their favorite shapes. *Holiday treats are always welcome - orange-pineapple pumpkins at Haloween, red fruit-berry bells at Christmas, use your imagination and enjoy! *A drop of food coloring in white grape juice will transform it to any "season". *Great in a candy dish for nibblers.

Exchanges = 1/2 fruit Servings are as follows: Orange-pineapple chews = 5 squares Apple chews = 5 squares grape chews = 4 squares orange chews = 5 squares 30 cal, 7.5 carbs, no pro or fat. Submitted By ANNE MARIE CHIAPPETTA On 03-28-95

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