Diabetic Greek Salad Recipe

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This diabetic Greek salad recipe is full of flavor. I love when a salad can be a great main dish and this is one of them. It's also one of those salads that presents itself beautifully.

Greek Salad

Serves 2 so double if needed

2 cucumbers

4 romaine tomatoes

1/2 cup yogurt ( plain and non fat)

1/4 cup fresh mint

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1/4 cup chopped scallions

1 oz. feta cheese

2 olives

4 oz romaine lettuce

1. Peel and cut the cucumbers in 1/2 lengthwise. Take the seeds out of one of the halves. Cut it into large pieces and throw it into the blender. Add the fresh min, lemon juice and yogurt. Blend until desired consistency.

2. Cut tomatoes and cucumbers.

3. In a large salad bowl, toss the lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, scallions, cheese, and stir in the dressing.

4. Garnish with an olive if desired.

Nutritional Facts per serving: 163 Calories, 5g Fat, 2g Saturated Fat, 23G Carbohydrates, 9g Protein, 14mg Cholesterol, 330mg Sodium, 4g Fiber

Dietary Exchange: 4 vegetable, 1/4 fat, 1/2 high-fat meat

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