Diabetic Mushroom Recipes

We love mushrooms and our shopping cart shows it. I can't leave the grocery store without buying at least 16 ounces of mushrooms. I try to incorporate mushrooms in any way that I can. The health benefit of mushrooms is huge and the taste is even bolder. When we went vegetarian 3 years ago, mushrooms became our substitute for meat.

Mushrooms are a low calorie, low fat food. They contain multiple vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. It is also considered a lean protein which helps you to loose weight. I could go on and on about mushrooms, but let's get busy fixing some great mushroom dishes.

Mushroom Fajitas
25 Minutes Prep
You won't miss the carne in these mushroom fajitas...I promise. Mushrooms can really taste like steak. Especially if they are portabello mushrooms. Give them a try!.

Stuffed Mushrooms
20 Minutes Prep
Fix these for your next cocktail party. They make great appetizers or delicious snacks..


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