Diabetic Scallops Recipe

This diabetic scallops recipe is finger licking good. :) Scallops are my 2nd favorite fish. I love them for their cooking adaptability, their ease of preparation, for their great nutritional benefits! They are also low in calories and high in omega 3 fatty acids. So dip and eat!

Diabetic Scallops In Lemon Butter

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient1 pounds Scallops, fresh or thawed

2 tablespoon Butter or margerine

pinch Basil

pinch Crushed rosemary

ΒΌ teaspoon Salt

2 tablespoon Lemon juice


1. On high power, melt butter or margerine in a glass dish (8" pan works well) with rosemary, basil and salt for one minute. Add scallops and lemon juice and stir well to coat.

2. Reduce heat to medium (60%) power, cover with waxed paper and cook 7-8 minutes until scallops are tender and white. Stir twice during cooking time. Sprinkle with paprika, cover with waxed paper and let carry over cook for 5 minutes.

3. Serve and enjoy.

1 serving = 1-1/2 fat exchange : 3 fat-meat exchange : 235 calories : 0 g carbohydrate : 21 g protein : 16.5 g fat

Submitted By ANNE MARIE CHIAPPETTA On 03-27-95

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