Diabetic Soup Recipes

These diabetic soup recipes

will help you welcome fall into your home.

Sometimes soup can be the only thing that warms us from the inside out. It's a great end to a really cold day. Soup makes us feel like putting on our slippers, lighting a fire and finding our favorite winter blanket.

I hope you find some of your traditional favorites and I hope you are a little adventurous too! You never know which diabetic soup recipes will end up being your favorite!

P.S. Did you find your slippers yet? :)


Tomato Soup
30 Minutes Prep
Lots of flavor in this tomato recipe, and even some pastina in it! This is a traditional favorite.

japanese soup

Japanese Soup
30 Minutes Prep
This is for all of those japanese food lovers! It has everything traditional about Japanse food such as udon noodles and ginger. It's worth taking the extra to fix! Another favorite of these diabetic soup recipes.

white beans

White Bean Soup
20 Minutes Prep
Warning: This is easy prep, but takes 2 hours too cook! You need to allow for the cooking time before your family becomes famished!

Black Bean Soup
18 Minutes Prep
With great ingredients like bacon, onion, celery, and black beans..... it's a wonder why this soup has become one of favorites.Bacon and black beans....yum!

potato soup

Potato Soup
15 Minutes Prep
Thiis potato soup is instant, meaning.....quick! This potato soup is not only easy to make, but it tastes delicious.

Turkey Chili
20 Minutes Prep
You'll never know this is a healthy turkey chili. It is a delicious chili with some spice to it. Goes great with a piece of cornbread. A favorite of these diabetic soup recipes.

clam chowder

Clam Chowder
15 Minutes Prep
This is one of my favorite diabetic fish recipes. Infact, this diabetic clam chowder is so creamy and tasty.


Vegetable Soup
25 Minutes Prep
Who can resist a vegetable soup sprinkled with cheese. I don't try to fight my urges for adding cheese to my food. It gives it a creamy kick that I know my kids will love as well.

Minestrone Soup
25 Minutes Prep
Minestrone soup is a wonderful way to get all of your servings of vegetables for the day. I always know I'm feeding my family well when we have this hearty minestrone soup. This diabetic minestrone soup recipe also has some elbow macaroni in it.:)

chicken soup

Chicken Soup
20 Minutes Prep
This is a low carbohydrate chicken soup recipe. It's easy prep and full of flavor.

chicken soup

Chicken Noodle Cabbage Soup
30 Minutes Prep
Cabbage, noodles, and chicken. A delicious hearty combination for soup!

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