Diabetic Vegetarian Recipes

These diabetic vegetarian recipes are good. You don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy some of these recipes. In fact, I started fixing vegetarian recipes when my husband and I wanted to shrink our grocery bill. I no longer have to make every meal with meat and my husband doesn't ever comment and may not even notice. Less money and more healthy!

30 Minutes Prep
Couscous is a family favorite. It's easy to cook, looks gourmet, and tastes great! This has a crunch to it because of the almond topping. Give it a try!

Carrot Curry
20 Minutes Prep
This carrot recipe is delicious. Curry is one of my favorite sauces and is welcomed on rice or vegetables. Curry also may have some beneficial health benefits.

Falafel Recipe
10 Minutes Prep
This fried ball of chickpeas is delicious as a pita sandwich or alone.

Mushroom Fajitas
25 Minutes Prep
You won't miss the carne in these mushrooom fajitas...I promise. Mushrooms can really taste like steak. Especially if they are portabello mushrooms. Give them a try!.

Baked Eggplant
30 Minutes Prep
Tasty eggplant recipe. The key to a great eggplant dish is the preparation of the vegetable itself. Boil it to the softness that you prefer and the dish will be delicious! Eggplant is oh so good and even better good for you.

Hummus Dip
30 Minutes Prep
Diabetic hummus dip - A great appetizer for any party or make it for a great diabetic snack recipes. Dip vegetables or flat bread in this creamy hummus dip!

30 Minutes Prep
Diabetic polenta - Traditionally served for breakfast and maybe even for a snack. This cornmeal treat is delicious and goes with just about anything.

Not Quick
Diabetic tabbouli - This Middle Eastern dish is light and fresh. Serve it with another Middle Eastern dish or by itself.

Veggi Sandwich
Not Quick
Diabetic veggi sandwich - So many yummy veggies are in the sandwich. Even if you are not vegetarian, it does not hurt to try this delicious lunch.

Mediterranean Sandwich
25 Minutes Prep
Diabetic Mediterranean sandwich - A little eggplant, zucchini, and bell pepper. All sandwiched between two slices of yummy bread. A delicious weekend treat.

Sloppy Joes
20 Minutes Prep
Diabetic meatless sloppy joes - An array of beans and spices. A tasty sandwich!

Veggie Wraps
15 Minutes Prep
Diabetic veggie wraps - An easy lunch to throw together that is full of a variety of vegetables.

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