Freeze Dried Acai

Freeze dried acai is the most nutritious acai out there. "Does it really matter where you buy your Acai? Absolutely! Are all Acai products created equal? No way! There so many factors that go into the processing of the Acai Berry, that customers should know what to look for before buying!" - WRC

The key to a really good potent acai juice blend is if the acai berry is preserved correctly. Freeze dried acai powder is the most effective and concentrated form of acai. The Acai berry looses a large portion of their nutrients and health benefits within 48 hours of picking the berry. The freeze drying process captures 98% of all the berries nutrients.

There are not too many acai health drinks that have not lost the nutrition of the acai berry through processing. Look for these things when choosing a drink company. If you don't, you may be wasting your money.

The Great Acai Drink

1.USDA Certified Organic.

2.Processed Within 24 Hours. The Acai Berry begins to loose losing its active properties after just 24-48 hours!

3.Freeze-Dried and Not Spray Dried Acai. To preserve the berry's nutrients, Acai must be freeze-dried. Spray drying involves heating the berries at high temperatures, which destroys up to 90% of the active properties.

4.Flash Pasteurized. During regular pasteurization of acai juices, high heat is involved. Any Acai juice product should only be flash-pasteurized, which does not harm the enzyme level of the berry.

5.No Fillers Used in Processing.

6.No Added Sugar, Artificial sweeteners, Fructose or Stimulants.

Sugar is not good for our immune systems, weight and it can cause inflammation. We do not add stimulants like caffeine or guarana.

How Can I Try A Quality Acai Drink?

There is one company that fits all of the above. I use it, and love it. Order a bottle or 2 to try this product.

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