Hand Blender Reviews

Hand blender reviews - Being a cook in my kitchen for several years and using only a conventional blender was a mistake. I even find that hand blenders puree smoother, it's less work to clean, and easier to use.

What Can You Make With a Hand Blender?

Sauces: You can whip up a quick gravey or puree a fresh tomatoes into a sauce in minutes.Pesto sauce being my favorite.

Pureed Soups: Cream of broccoli soup is a perfect candidate for a hand blender. Some hand blenders are not to be used in hot liquids, so double check before you purchase.

Drinks: 1 serving smoothies, mixed drinks, even hot drinks such as hot chocolate and cappuccino. A hand held blender makes it easy to whip these up.

My Favorite Hand Blender

We received 2 hand blenders for our wedding. I kept both, one in the kitchen and one at our bar. I can't complain! They are both fantastic.

The KitchenAid KHB100OB Hand Blender, Onyx Black blends beautifully, is easy to clean, and easy to store. It has a very quite motor and is dishwasher safe. I have used this blender for making baby food. The food comes out a lot smoother than when fixed with a traditional blender. I really have no complaints about this blender.

The Cuisinart CSB-76 Smart Stick Hand Blender is lightweight and works beautifully as well. This blender has mainly been used for mixed drinks or smoothies. But it will take frozen fruit and blend it up. Same as above, dishwasher safe, easy to store, and easy to use.

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