Hypoglycemia What to Eat - Know How To Fight Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia what to eat? - Do you know how to fight your lows fast? We are talking about when your blood glucose dips under 70mg/dl. It is best to treat it with 15-20 grams of pure glucose. Although you can use 1/2 cup juice or regular soda, these items are not always hand when you are out of the house. You are responsible for the treatment of hypoglycemia. So, what should you carry with you?

You should always have pure-glucose products on hand that are easily accessible. Ones that can fit in your purse, briefcase or even your pocket. It is important that they give you just the right dose of glucose that will help you avoid over treating your lows and ingesting too many calories. I have a few of my favorites listed below. There is something for everyone; whether it be a liquid, tablets or gel.

Fight lows with liquid. One of my favorite products is the Dex 4 Glucose Liquid Blast-Berry Burst which contains 15 grams of liquid glucose per bottle. It is important to remember that hypoglycemia can impair coordination, so remove the protective wrapper so you can easily open the bottle when needed. I find the taste to be good, of course everyone's taste-buds are different. But for the most part considering, it is an easy drink.

Fight lows with Tablets. The BD Glucose Tablets has 4 or 5 grams of glucose each. So, you can fit the dose to your needs. This is a wonderful alternative for children who may need less than adults. Always check with your doctor about what dose your child may need. Tablets are not bulky and can easily be carried in the purse or in your car.

Fight lows with gel. Glucose gel is wonderful for those who are more active. Sometimes you may have difficulty chewing during physical activity and may need something quick and easy to swallow. I used gel packets during my marathon. The Dex 4 Glucose Gel - 3 Pack tastes good if you have been active. It also packs 15 grams of glucose per tube.

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