Low Fat Diabetic Recipes

These low fat diabetic recipes will keep both your tummy and your taste-buds satisfied.

Low fat food can be just as decadent and tasty. I think its all in how you prepare the food. In the end, eating low fat light food helps us to live longer and better.

So, start cooking these diabetic low fat recipes......oh and add 10 years to your life calender. :)



Lemon Cheesecake
20 Minutes Prep
You will not be able to guess that this is low fat cheesecake. In fact, if you are a tart and sweet person...this recipe is perfect for you. A favorite among these low fat diabetic recipes.

bbq wings

Buffalo Wings
8 Minute Prep
These are a must at your next party or Monday night football game. Easy to fix and very low fat!

hummus dip

Hummus Dip
15 Minutes Prep
Hummus is a staple in our house. We will dip just about anything in hummus! This recipe does not disappoint.

Low Fat Food Tips:

1. With any type of meat, remove the skin and trim the fat before eating.

2. Use spices, low fat dressings, and salsas to add zest and spice to the food.

3. For dips and toppings use yogurt instead of sour cream.

4. When making diabetic salads make sure the dressing and toppings are low fat.

5. Pop popcorn in a machine and use Butter Buds or another 0 calorie, 0 fat butter substitute. This makes a great low fat snack or after dinner movie treat! Great low fat diabetic recipes tips.

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