Medical ID Bracelet

Wearing a medical ID bracelet 24/7 can save your life! The following gives you information on why to wear an Id, when to wear one,what to wear, and what information to put on the ID.

Why Wear An ID Bracelet?

Though it is difficult to think about, you or a loved one could be in a situation where the bracelet could save your life. You may be in a situation where you have high or low blood glucose and can't tell someone that is what is happening to you. There have been stories of individuals who were wearing medical id jewelry that reads 'diabetic' on it that saved their lives.

When To Wear An ID Bracelet?

It is important to wear it 24/7. The key is finding one that you like enough to wear it everyday. There are even kid friendly fashionable ID jewelry that your kids will not mind wearing.

What To Wear?

There are many choices when it comes to medical ID. It is always best to stick with something simple. Some jewelry looks so fancy that it may never be spotted as an ID. Emergency responders need to be able to recognize the ID as a warning symbol. Also, you may want to make sure that the ID is physically comfortable, and durable for all activities.

What To Put On Your ID Bracelet?

There are three details that you need to make sure are written on the ID. Your name, the word "diabetes," and the phone number of your emergency contact person.

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