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Medifast Reviews

Medifast Reviews - Over the past year I have collected testimonials and Medifast success stories from out readers. I decided to compile them into one page for your convenience. Find out why so many are touting Medifast and having success with it. I hope these reviews helps you in deciding whether to give it a try or not.

Alyssa R., California - Medifast Reviews

I was a very successful personal trainer who had just finished my first marathon. Fitness and health was my life. Not that those things took a back seat but right after I got married I found out I was pregnant. This is when things changed for me. I was very sick in bed for about 4 months and throughout my entire pregnancy I gained 80 pounds!! Now, about 15 of that was baby...but the rest was not accounted for. I nursed, which is suppose to be a miracle for your weight loss after having a baby, but for me it wasn't. I slowly dropped 20 pounds and then came to a screeching halt. I exercised, ate very healthy foods, and moved every chance I had. I wouldn't step on the scale for a couple of weeks in hopes that I would see 5 pounds less the next time I did. Well, needless to say..........i remained THE SAME!

I felt hopeless and I think I started to drive my husband crazy with my "weight worry." He finally suggested that I try Jenny Craig. I called that day and was in by the very next. The assured me that I would loose 10% of my body weight by a certain date. I think they were perplexed when that did not happen. Don't get me wrong, my mother in law lost weight on Jenny Craig and I know a lot of people who love this diet. But for me, I was not budging.

I stopped Jenny Craig and decided to up my gym time but a couple years later the scale still read the same: 175 pounds. One weekend I was doing a fund raiser at a local health fair and next to me was the Medifast. booth. The lady had lost so much weight in such a short amount of time. She said that she ate fast food, pizza, and junk before this diet. After hearing this I wasn't going to try it because I felt like that was not my situation. After all, i ate healthy foods and exercised!

Well, like anyone in my situation... I played around with the thought for a few days. And again, with my husbands blessing I ordered my first shipment of food. I honestly thought that it wasn't going to work. But at least this time I wasn't paying nearly half as much money as I had in the past for other companies.

My first day, I read the entire book and started my food the next. I'm not going to lie.... I WAS HUNGRY!! I think I was hungry for the first 3 days and then like magic my body adjusted and I actually had to force myself to finish all of my meals. Well, I decided to weigh myself every week on Friday. The first week I stepped on the scale that I was convinced was broken and I had lost SEVEN pounds. I was so excited, to say the least.

It has been 2 months and I've lost a total of 25 pounds. I am on track to loose all of my baby weight! I feel and look great and people recognized it. Everyone asks...."what did you do." And now, I can't wait to share the Medifast. diet program with them.

Vivian Maez., Florida - Medifast Reviews

I really needed all the help I could get as far as how to loose weight. My weight as well as maintaing my blood sugar was out of control. One of my girlfriends suggested Medifast to me, and decided to take a look. I found that I could choose from 5 Medifast meals a day and have one serving of meat and 3 serving of vegetables a day. It actually sounded like a lot of food! Which was appealing to me at the time.

The delivery was quick and it came with an impressive "how to" book that explained the entire plan. My first 2 days I was hungry, after all I was used to eating way more calories, fat, and sugar for that matter. I did not cave in and decided to stick it out. Well, 3 months later and i'm 30 pounds lighter. You do have to get used to the food and to the intital hunger pains, but after you do all of your cravings seem to disappear as well as the hungry feeling.

The key for me has been to maintain my weight loss with careful meal planning, but I feel good and if I may say ... I look great.

Sarah Voght., WA - Medifast Reviews

I thought I'd write in about my girlfriend. Medifast has changed everything for her. She has dropped over 75 pounds and has maintained the weight loss for over a year. I took a look at the program and thought it took a lot of dedication to stick to it, but if you can I believe it really really works.

Laura Pauls., Arizona - Medifast Reviews

It's hot where I live. The wintertime is wonderful because I get to cover up, but every summer time I dread because of the less is better clothes mentality. Every year around February I make a resolution to look good this summer and feel good. Another reason for wanting to loose weight is health related. My doctor told me that I was pre diabetic and needed to loose at least 20 pounds for my health.

I think I tried every diet in the book, but nothing took away my sweet cravings except for Medifast. I not only lost the weight before summer, but before winter I was looking great in my jeans. It may sound superficial, but all women want to look good and most importantly feel good. My doctor was impressed with my weight loss and encouraged me to spread the word. I suppose the world wide web is a great place to do so. Medifast changed my life... literally.

Have you used Medifast? We want to hear from you. Get highlighted on our Medifast Reviews page.

Medifast Video Success Stories

How Much Does Medifast Cost

Medifast can actually save you money if you were to add up all of your "eating out receipts." It costs around $10 dollars a day.

Medifast Diet Discount

They do run specials... here are a few of them.

Get 2 weeks of Medifast FREE! (Enter code GetTwo)

Medifast Specials

Lose up to 2-5 lbs per Week!

Medifast For Diabetics - Medifast Reviews

Medifast Reviews - This is what Medifast states on their site: "You should consult with your physician prior to beginning (and throughout the course of) any weight-loss program. We strongly recommend you talk to your physician prior to starting, and throughout the course of, your weight-loss program if you":

* are over the age of 70
* are under the age of 18
* have diabetes, hypertension, or any other serious medical condition
* are taking medications, especially for diabetes

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