Is Nutrisystem D For You?

Nutrisystem D - I have a small problem with portion control. :) And, sometimes I dream of a personal chef that can take care of all my meals and worry about the nutritional content. Unfortunatly, I'm not Oprah or as privileged as a celebrity. :) I can, though;order meals and have them shipped to my front door. Sounds fancy ... I know.

During a 3 AM feeding, a commercial came on for Nutrisystem D, A simple approach to losing weight designed for diabetics: the NutriSystem Type II Diabetic Program.

I found myself dreaming about what this could mean for me, post baby and all. A few days later, I contacted their PR and asked for a sample or two. They transferred me to their dietitian because each meal plan is made individually to suite individual needs. I was very impressed by this. The dietitian reviewed my blood sugar levels, my weight, and my height. A week later they samples were at my doorstep.

Here Is What I Think

Taste Of Food: Ok, but not gourmet. Especially since I'm a huge advocate of cooking fresh meals.

Selection Of Food: A good selection of foods.

Portions of Food: Seemed small at first but once your stomach adjusts ... it's great.

Carbs: Easy to track. It's printed on each meal.

Price: So, so. It's around 11-12 dollars a day. You do have to purchase extra fruits and vegetables at the store.

Sodium: Has a lot of sodium. Could be a no-no for those who need to watch sodium intake.

Success After The Diet: It can teach you proper portion control. You can't eat their meals forever, so coming off of it may be a challenge.

Nutrisystem D Reviews

" I dropped 20 pounds in the first month. I enjoy the convenience of this diet."

"Too much sodium for me. I know the salt helps the food taste better, but it is not good."

"A perfect diet for hose who do not want to measure their food. . I lost 80 pounds 1 year and am off my meds."

""It dropped my A1C from 8.5% to 5.7%."

"I don't think it really teaches you to eat healthy and correctly.""I know the reviews are ambiguous, but I have lost 18 pounds in one month. I also have not needed an insulin shot for 3 weeks."

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