Trying Monavie

Trying Monavie - I used to sell the Monavie for the retail price, but have since found ebay a great source for trying it at wholesale. Give us some feedback on how it has helped! Monavie Active juice has a perk to it that Monavie original does not. In fact, the Active Blend adds Celadrin and Glucosamine to help promote flexibility and joint health. The cetylated fatty acids and glucosamine which is found in Mona Vie Active help provide healthy joints.

Both of these compounds are found naturally in the body, but sometimes not at sufficient levels. Mona Vie Active provides the body with just the right amounts! This blend of nutrients helps cushion and lubricate the joints. Plus it can even assist the body in rebuilding damaged cartilage. If you are pregnant or nursing do not take this product, take the original monavie.

Try a bottle of Monavie Active for $45 dollars and $9.95 shipping.

Monavie original is one of two different formulations. It still has all 19 fruits that the Monavie Active has. The main difference is that Monavie original does not have Gluscosamine. What does that mean? It means that nursing, pregnant, and children can drink this drink safely. Not only is it safe, but any diet high in fruits when you are pregnant, nursing or a child is wonderful.

Monavie original is less expensive than the Monavie Active. The berry drink concoction is just as tasty and gives 90% of the benefits that the Monavie Active does.

If you are trying to get pregnant it is recommended to order the original instead of the active.

Try a bottle of Monavie Original for $39 dollars and $9.95 shipping.

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