What Is Gestational Diabetes?

Many women have no idea they are at risk for gestational diabetes. But what is gestational diabetes? This is when a woman who is pregnant temporarily develops diabetes. Approximately 2-4% of pregnant women will be affected by gestational diabetes. In many instances it will go away after the baby is born. Having diabetes during pregnancy can increase a woman?s risk of developing it later in life, as well as an increased risk for the child to develop diabetes.

If left undiagnosed, gestational diabetes can be extremely harmful to both the unborn baby and the mother. The baby is at a higher risk of developing jaundice or low blood sugar at birth. As well, your infant may weigh a considerable amount more than normal. When a mother develops diabetes during pregnancy their infant is at risk for respiratory distress syndrome as well as low blood calcium.

A woman who has a family history of diabetes is at a greater risk of developing it while pregnant. Likewise, if a woman has developed diabetes during a prior pregnancy, then they are at a much higher risk of developing it again. Women who are obese or who are over the age of 30 are at a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes.

Between the 24th week and the 28th week pregnant women are generally tested for diabetes, as this is when insulin resistance generally begins. However, if you have developed diabetes in previous pregnancies or at a higher risk, then the test may be run during the 13th week of pregnancy. So exactly what is gestational diabetes? Just like any other type of diabetes, gestational diabetes affects that way a woman?s body uses glucose or sugar. Although your body needs glucose for fuel, too much can result in extremely high blood sugar.

Most women never really experience any symptoms. That is why it is so important to be tested through a glucose screening. In some instances woman may experience some symptoms such as:

1.increased thirst

2. Frequent urination

3. Feeling tired

While there is currently no cure, there are a variety of different things that can be done to help manage gestational diabetes. First, you may be asked to change your meal plan. You will need to eat well balanced meals that are low in sugars. In order to maintain your blood sugars, you may also need to eat healthy snacks in between your three main meals.

As well, physical activity can help you in managing diabetes. Your doctor may have you form a walking routine or enroll in a water aerobics course. If the diabetes cannot be controlled through diet and exercise, then insulin may need to be added.

Gestational diabetes can occur in any woman while she is pregnant. However, some women are more prone to developing diabetes while pregnant. If you are curious as to what gestational diabetes is, be sure to consult with your health care provider for more information.

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Recommended Diet

Wondering what to eat during this time? Keep is simple and follow some guidelines during your pregnancy. Another important factor in understanding what is gestational diabetes.

Risk Factors

Risk factors signs of gestational diabetes are good to know. Alhtough, signs of gestational can mimmick symptoms of prenancy...so always consult with your physician. Another important factor in understanding what is gestational diabetes.

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